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Food Additives

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Food additives are specific substances that added to foods in order to augment varieties and flavors in the food. They are best known for adding color to the food as well sweetening or preserving food. There are many varieties of food additives, all which are added to different types of foods in different quantities. Being knowledgable about food additives and how they affect your body is important in helping you maintain your health. A major thing to keep in mind with food additives is that they are not natural substances that are beneficial to your body. In fact, some of them can cause you problems. Food additives must be approved by the USDA before they can be added to food. Additionally, they must always only be added in small quantities.

You can determine whether your food contains additives by reading the back of the box. Additives are will usually labeled as coloring, preservatives or anti-oxidants. In addition, there are several other types of food additives used in foods. Labels should also state the quantity of additives in the food. When you find additives in high quantities, you might want to think twice about eating the food, as these additives are not necessary for nutrition.

The main reason for the prevalence of food additives is due to the type of food that is currently popular. Food additives help to preserve food and allow for the customer to expect more-consistent quality of food. Preservatives are mainly used to help put off spoilage and food poisoning of foods. Antioxidants keep oxygen from moving into oils and fats. Flavoring agents, sweeteners and acids are used to add flavor to food. If a food is being imported from another area, additives will help the food last longer. If the company wants to increase the taste, flavoring agents can help to intensify the taste that you are tasting. Competition in the food market has created an environment in which food additives have become a part of the market in almost every single type of food.

Before buying any food, it is a good idea to examine the food additives that are in it. Some can be unhealthy and problematic for your body. There are safeguards in place; usually food additives are tested by the USDA before they are put on the market. Most food additives are added to fod in low quantities and do not greatly affect your system. However, knowing the purpose of different food additives and which foods have them is one step in ensuring that nutrition comes first.
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